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The name “globboard” stands for trust, discretion, reliability and a high quality of service. This resulted in such a novel and future-oriented concept that occupies another niche on the topics of sales and hospitality, especially for accommodation companies.

With our range of services, we appeal to discerning accommodation providers worldwide who want to make the marketing of their accommodation more successful and thus want to increase their turnover more easily.


The staff of the agency “globboard” support you in the completely online reservation management with a high quality of service. Likewise, all related activities in administration, hospitality management and online sales. We represent an affordable addition and support to the existing team or the daily work of a host.

The name "globboard" stands for trust, reliability and a high quality of service, which resulted in a future-oriented concept.


It happens very often that hosts speak openly to us about problems and difficulties that today’s sales in particular bring. We know the market and specialize in it! It is imperative not to be listed on at least a dozen online sales channels to get a little attention in the digital world.

Too many hosts who do not use the “globboard” service are starting to hurl prices to fill their beds. You save on the equipment / comfort for the guest and are untrained for guests of the modern age and their needs. Being selective and professional while competitors sell your accommodations at lower prices is a huge luxury in the highly competitive market. This luxury or service is made possible for our customers. The numbers don’t lie. It is certain that our methods will lead to more guests seeing a vacancy and more likely to book.

Because our goal is the same: to ensure that all guest requests or bookings, both sales measures are processed with the best possible mix of friendliness, professionalism and business acumen.


Astrid Perner, founder of Austria's first hotel sales and hospitality agency; Reservation management in the hotel industry

Owner & Founder

“During my time as an employee in management and reservations management for two well-known hotels in Flachau, I realized that a separate reservations department from the front office led to more productivity, professionalism and, above all, to an efficient increase in sales.

We were able to quickly implement such a system in the hotels and in the following winter we enabled a 40% increase in bookings. The guests on site quickly noticed the changes at check-in and immediately felt better looked after.

The reception team was thus able to take care of the concerns and wishes of the guests on site more successfully. For us, the so-called “customer journey” was in the foreground. Usual stress and pressure, such as the fastest possible answer to incoming inquiries, bookings and telephone calls, quickly subsided. Among other things, the cross-selling of hotel-internal additional products could be intensified. By specifying guidelines for the booking process in the background (including on the individual booking platforms such as & Co.), the precise training of the employees at the reception and the exact distribution of tasks, we created a reservation process that was clear, simplified and time-saving for everyone .

At the same time, I approached a private landlord friend of mine with this idea, who unfortunately didn’t have time to rent out his great holiday home. In 2017, as an initial project, I took over the complete rental of your accommodation on the basis of my current business idea as a “virtual receptionist”. Here, too, we have achieved an annual increase in sales of 5% (!) due to the multiplication of accommodation on countless booking platforms, various cooperations and optimizations in reservation management.

We are a support for private landlords as well as for family-run hotels in reservations, marketing and online sales with appropriate advice. It offers a comprehensive service package, tailored to the wishes of our customers.”

“With the help of our virtual receptionists, accommodation providers receive competent administrative support, especially in stressful times. “Globboard” stands for trust,
discretion and a high quality of service.”