Questions and answers

Do you still have questions about the virtual reception of the agency “globboard”? We would be happy to answer them in advance. Otherwise you can also contact us by phone or email.

Do you still have any questions about the virtual reception of the agency globboard? We would be happy to answer them in advance.
What activities does “globboard” do for you?

Our virtual receptionists support you in the administrative area of reservation management. Other tasks such as check-in / out, final cleaning, guest communication on site, etc. our customers have to take on their own responsibility.

Are the virtual receptionists computers? A program? Or real people?

Our offer is a service that is implemented by people from the flesh and blood. The receptionists of our agency work for you in the so-called “home office” from anywhere in the world. Our employees have at least 2 years of hotel or remote working experience, receive continuous “training on the job”, speak at least German and English, and they must also have regional and geographic expertise.

Which online sales channels are you able to choose from?

The agency “globboard” meets the best possible sales channels from a portfolio of more than 50 platforms, matching the accommodation. Whether, airbnb, bergfex, feratel, Google or Tripadvisor, we will find the right communication channel for you!

What will this cost me?

You will only find out the exact costs during a personal conversation at your location. We would be happy to arrange a personal appointment with you.

Do these prices already include taxes and fees?

No, taxes and fees vary by country. They are therefore not included.

What happens if a client owns multiple accommodation units?

If there are several units in a building, our fixed price scale is used. If the host has several building and accommodation categories at all, the agency “globboard” may offer you a special customer bonus variant.

When does the work for the virtual receptionist begin?

Your personal virtual receptionists start immediately after data collection and can start with the administrative work as soon as e.g. all sales channels are created begin. This usually happens within a few weeks.

Can I contact the “globboard” agency at any time?

The employees of the agency “globboard” can be reached all day by inquiries from existing customers by email or by phone. New customers, in turn, can only reach us by email or during the official telephone access times (see “Contact”).

What happens if you cannot reach the virtual receptionists?

We are always available for you during the specified working hours. Thanks to the well thought-out system, someone will always be available to you from the head office in an emergency. Otherwise, write us an email or a WhatsApp and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Are you contractually bound by the agency “globboard”?

Yes. As our customer, you benefit from the conditions from the first minute and are therefore looked after for as long as stipulated in the contractual provisions. You will receive the exact details in a personal interview.

How is data protection ensured?

Our agency is based on trust and quality. Your data will be treated very confidentially on our part and we will maintain discretion. More details in the contract.

We hope that we have answered some open questions about the virtual reception of the agency globboard and would be happy to help you in the future.